Shhlist | UX UI

UX UI design | Case study

Remember last time you needed a present for someone? For many, the thought of gifting alone is enough to bring the sweat to their brow.

This case study targets the dilemma of the social and psychological impact of gifts vs strain and stress attached to it. Shhlist is the conceptual solution - an application to ease and enhance the whole gifting experience.

Holy Craft | Brand

Corporate Design for Holy Craft. I developed and executed a full brand design, including logo and customer communications for Holy Craft beer store and their bar in Düsseldorf.

In 2018, Holy Craft beer bar was not only mentioned in Meininger's pocket guide for being one of the top 100 adresses for craft beer - but also featured on the cover. Recently, the brand expanded. Their new location in Essen Süd opened its doors five years after the company was established.


Vector illustration | Halloween themed illustrated motifs for a sticker set

Handcraft projects

I am passionate about discovering materials for creative projects and have a soft spot for vintage and antique items. I combine both interests when refurbishing old finds, upcycling neglected items or by bringing a new idea to life.